Your car ran out of gas. You are in the middle of nowhere. The atmosphere is heavy.
Somebody (something?) is there with you, threatening ...

'The Threat' is a First Person Horror game.
"You just arrived in a strange, abandoned place. A farm?
It's not your lucky day, your car just ran out of gas.
No one seems to live here anymore... except the crows.
The atmosphere is dark and heavy... is someone(something?) watching you?"

Notice: this is NOT a Slender game! (even though greatly inspired by its kind)
What you learned from former Slender games won’t apply here.
The gameplay and the AI are different. Good luck!

Important: the game should be released in 1 or 2 months, and sold for a little amount (finally not for free).
Actually, I plan to buy a Pro Unity License for my future games. Thanks a lot! :)



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